It’s getting hotter and the days are become longer. I can feel it: Summer is coming.
I’m tired of winter coats, scarves and woolen sweaters so I’m going to banish them for the next months. In collaboration with Uniqlo I would like to show you my favorite summer casual styles that are perfect for hot days and warm summer nights.


A love for linen.

Linen had an eco-image for a very long time. But the times when the fabric looked like an old potato sack are long gone! I actually use linen fabrics very often for my own collections because I like the rough look of the flax fiber which gives the clothes a more casual look. Especially in summer, linen is perfect due to it’s functions. This is because linen can absorb up to 35% humidity and also transport this moisture quickly to the outside, resulting in a cooling and yet dry effect. In other words, you simply sweat less.


SAMSOE & SAMSOE jacket | LEXINGTON shirt | AMERICAN VINTAGE t-shirt | H&M ripped jeans | SCAROSSO sneakers

Vienna, Stockholm, Bordeaux, Chania

Some months ago when university started I said to myself that I won’t travel that much this semester. Well, if you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed that I did travel a lot. Stuttgart, Vienna, Stockholm and tomorrow I’m flying to France and in two week we’ll be in Greece.


For about a month now I have been back at university and I must admit its great! I really had mixed feelings about returning to this rather academic system after spending half a year interning in the real world. Everything has its distinctive advantages and disadvantages, I’m currently definitely enjoying the student lifestyle again and the flexibility that comes with it. All in all I would say there’s only one small hitch on the horizon: my final bachelor collection.


It has been quiet these days. I wanted to take a little break from blogging and from social media in general. My semester just started and I needed to focus on more important things. It’s the last semester before I will start working on my bachelor collection. Looking back to old fashion projects I’m not that satisfied anymore. It’s disappointing to see that I still haven’t found “my style” when it comes to designing.

It might be because I always have three different projects at the same time and maybe I should start focusing on my studies now. I don’t have a lot of time left to experiment things; to try out new stuff. At least there is one great thing happening right now: One of my designs will be part of an exhibition in a museum in Munich. I’m super excited about that. I will let you know about the big opening.