Our second destination in Greece was the Ekies All Senses Resort in the north on the peninsula Sithonia. It was completely different to our first destination but at least equal – if not better.


Ekies All Senses Resort, that’s various little buildings in a nature reserve established by the European Union. Every single building and room is unique because they are all planned by different architects and interior designers and they were renewed some years ago. That’s a great mixture of styles that give the resort its special character.

We have talked about it so often but procrastinated it every time: a short trip together with Stylejunction to the Lake Braies in South Tyrol.


Stylejunction, that’s Eileen and Anja who do their blog together just like Philipp and I do. Years ago we met at an event in Munich. Actually I just wanted to cuddle with their dog Karl because it was a few weeks after I got Luke so we had something to talk about right from the start – dog parents always get along with each others!

We always talked about spending some days together but as you know we’ve always been super busy and it was hard to finde some free days in a row to go on a trip. But then there was that long weekend so we said: „Now or never!“


The stay in Domes Noruz Chania could not have been a better start for our vacation in Greece. The design of architecture and interior is extraordinary and unique. The lobby looks like the modern interpretation of a cathedral and this modern architecture with natural colors stands for the whole hotel. All the buildings, the pools, bar and restaurant, even the beach chairs have these clear lines and modern design. Nevertheless it never seems to be cold because the interior is comfortable and colorful.


It’s getting hotter and the days are become longer. I can feel it: Summer is coming.
I’m tired of winter coats, scarves and woolen sweaters so I’m going to banish them for the next months. In collaboration with Uniqlo I would like to show you my favorite summer casual styles that are perfect for hot days and warm summer nights.


A love for linen.

Linen had an eco-image for a very long time. But the times when the fabric looked like an old potato sack are long gone! I actually use linen fabrics very often for my own collections because I like the rough look of the flax fiber which gives the clothes a more casual look. Especially in summer, linen is perfect due to it’s functions. This is because linen can absorb up to 35% humidity and also transport this moisture quickly to the outside, resulting in a cooling and yet dry effect. In other words, you simply sweat less.


SAMSOE & SAMSOE jacket | LEXINGTON shirt | AMERICAN VINTAGE t-shirt | H&M ripped jeans | SCAROSSO sneakers

Vienna, Stockholm, Bordeaux, Chania

Some months ago when university started I said to myself that I won’t travel that much this semester. Well, if you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed that I did travel a lot. Stuttgart, Vienna, Stockholm and tomorrow I’m flying to France and in two week we’ll be in Greece.