For about a month now I have been back at university and I must admit its great! I really had mixed feelings about returning to this rather academic system after spending half a year interning in the real world. Everything has its distinctive advantages and disadvantages, I’m currently definitely enjoying the student lifestyle again and the flexibility that comes with it. All in all I would say there’s only one small hitch on the horizon: my final bachelor collection.


It has been quiet these days. I wanted to take a little break from blogging and from social media in general. My semester just started and I needed to focus on more important things. It’s the last semester before I will start working on my bachelor collection. Looking back to old fashion projects I’m not that satisfied anymore. It’s disappointing to see that I still haven’t found “my style” when it comes to designing.

It might be because I always have three different projects at the same time and maybe I should start focusing on my studies now. I don’t have a lot of time left to experiment things; to try out new stuff. At least there is one great thing happening right now: One of my designs will be part of an exhibition in a museum in Munich. I’m super excited about that. I will let you know about the big opening.

Last weekend Philipp and I visited my grand aunt in Austria and I would not be Frank Lin if I hadn’t combined that with a trip to the mountains – more specific: the Berchtesgadener Land. We had two wonderful days in the Alps and in Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden.

We did not want to travel in our boring mid-range car so we decided to book a special one via the Croove-App: the Mercedes-Benz GLS. Traveling in the luxurious SUV made in Germany was super comfortable and we felt like the kings of the road. Even the huge traffic jam did not bother us! We eventually left the highway and took the idyllic alpine road to reach our destination: the Königssee.

The Königssee is a mountain lake surrounded by precipitous mountains. It looks rather like an Norwegian fjord than a German lake. It was super sunny and quite warm but the lake was still frozen. It was a bizarre sight.

We spent the nights in Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden located in the middle of the mountains with a beautiful view. It’s super modern, exquisite in every little detail but still very comfortable. Everything felt very intimate the moment we walked through the door of the dog-friendly hotel.

Looking through the floor-to-ceiling windows we looked right at the mountains that were gleaming in the sunset. We used the setting sun to see the spa area and take a bath in the outdoor pool. In the evening we had dinner in the great Johann Grill restaurant where we had traditional Bavarian food interpreted in a modern way – delicious! Next day we ate almost the whole breakfast buffet ’cause it looked so delicious and we worked a bit in the big lobby that surrounded a fireplace.

Next day we visited my family in Austria and then we drove back to Munich. We really enjoyed our trip to the mountains and can’t wait to come back in summer!

Special thanks to Croove and Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden for supporting our trip!

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a little bit of baby blue.

Last week the weather in Munich was so good it felt like spring already arrived. Of course I know this can change immediately so I decided to wear a light spring look before winter comes back. I wore my vintage H&M jeans from the upcoming Spring/Summer 17 collection, a baby blue SANDRO PARIS pullover which I luckily got on sale, my beloved COMMON PROJECTS sneakers in white and a fake shearling jacket from ASOS. The sunglasses are from the sustainable eyewear label DICK MOBY Amsterdam.

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Maybe it’s the longing for spring, but lately I’ve been yearning for some more color in my life. So we pondered and discussed if we should bring a bit of color into the dull life of our little apartment.

Our living room is painted completely white. A few weeks ago, Philipp showed me an article about a color-professor. It said that white walls are hostile to life, as the color creates distance rather than ambiance. It just doesn’t create a feel-good atmosphere. In general you could say that bright, bluish shades are cooler and make a room bigger, while red-orange shades emanate warmth and have a stimulating vibe. That’s all good to know but it doesn’t really get us anywhere.

Which color is the right one for my wall?

A visit at the hardware store should help remedy the situation. Intuitively I grabbed various color samples. After a couple of minutes I held about 20 cards with the most diverging color shades in my hands. They had beautiful names such as “Guardian of the Freedom” or “Silence of the North”. Green shades between mint green and pigeon blue. In hindsight my soft spot for those shades was already quite evident from my Pinterest boards.

After a while I grabbed another, totally different color. “Scent of the Orient” it read on the card. From this red-orange shade I made my way towards dusky pink and all of the sudden I also had lots of those cards in my hand. Now we got way too many color samples at home and can’t decide after all…

Do you might have any ideas on how we could paint our wall?

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