48 Stunden in Mailand | TownHouse Galleria

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  • David
    12 Monaten ago

    Wow! Das Hotel sieht so meeeega aus *.*

  • 12 Monaten ago

    Also das ist ja traumhaft, nach deinem Beitrag und Bildern will ich jetzt gleich besuchen 🙂 xx


  • 12 Monaten ago

    This is an amazing hotel . wow … Thank you so much for sharing, because when I go there in April, Thats exactly where i will stay .
    All images are perfect.

  • 12 Monaten ago

    Your photos are gorgeous, I’ve heard that about Milan before so many times. Still there’s magic there it seems and I’d love to visit.

  • 12 Monaten ago

    The hotels look amazing! I WISH I could’ve stayed in one of their rooms! Those views are unbeatable and I’m so jealous!

  • 12 Monaten ago

    Wow! Those shots are just amazing ! I was taken with those photos to the hotel. So luxurious !

  • 12 Monaten ago

    I still haven’t visited Milan but this makes me want to go so badly! Also love the layout of your blog, feels like a magazine and the photography is superb!

    Ben | http://www.twentyfirstcenturygent.com

  • 11 Monaten ago

    I’ve got to say that I already on Instagram noticed the uniqueness and beauty of this place and now reading about it, I’m in awe and will put it down on my list, maybe for FW in June. I agree that Milan is not the prettiest of cities, but the dome is just incredible!
    And of course they chose you in addition to those Italian influencers as you’re one heck of an influence to all of us! 🙂

  • 11 Monaten ago

    Wow so tolle Bilder!! Die werden besser und besser, Professionalität steigt 🙂
    Ich war ein mal in Mailand, Duomo ist wirklich schön, sonst würde ich dahin nicht fliegen…

  • 11 Monaten ago

    oh my goodness I really want to go there now! That bed and those waffles? PS your travel section is so inspiring – so revisiting before my next travels!

    Big Love,
    Tatyana xoxo

  • Natasha
    11 Monaten ago

    Nice place! And you are so handsome!

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